Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trickle-out polynomics

Polyfulcrum recycles an older blog post:

Abundance! This is one of the main reasons that most people get into poly. The idea that you can have the vast majority of your needs met without overburdening one partner. Ah, but wait, there's more! For me, love and sexual energy are a positive feedback system. The more I have, the more I want, the more I have to give to others, the more I have for myself! Let's call this concept trickle out polynomics, shall we?

How does this affect the way that one approaches life? To have needs met, to feel full and capable of giving to others in your life, without sacrificing your own energy and boundaries on the altar of "Should" is bliss! The similarities I share with my partners are deeply appreciated. I cherish the things that we can do together, as couples, triad, and extended family. The differences are honored instead of resented, as they don't take away from my life, but instead provide more opportunities to stretch myself within a supportive environment. I can give of myself, and know that when I've given all that I can comfortably give, there will respite and the ability to plug-in and charge my batteries. Physically, there is room for pleasure in all the different forms it takes, and I am very motivated to explore and give in this realm as well, and crave the intimacy that goes with the physicality.

My bank accounts are full of emotional currency, and I can support others whenever the need arises without tapping myself out. Polynomics: It works! I'm still not sure about that Reagan thing though... ;)

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