Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Space, New Dynamics


(Yeah, I just like to be clear who is talking in this multi-person blog.)

So, we're pretty much settled in to this new house. However, I don't think we're nearly as settled in with our new family's dynamic. The stress of the move and the general energy depletion among the adults that my wife (PF) mentioned have played a major role in hampering dynamic development.

My own comfort level with the new housing situation is slowly beginning to relax and expand. I agree with S about letting pairs in conflict work out their own differences. I'd say that his respecting my relationship with PF was a good thing. It's great to have resolved some of the contention points between me and PF. It makes me feel more generous toward her and

Of course, I'm also moving forward with my additional connections. I'm still in contact with G who I've known for over two years; our relationship has changed but it is still important. I've also been developing a relationship with K for the last several weeks and that has been going great! I also have an intermittant fledgling relationship with O, but she is rarely available and we haven't spoken much or progressed very far.

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