Friday, September 19, 2008

Bumping uglies

Polyfulcrum here!

Once again, I find myself in the position of wanting to do a post primarily to bump a picture down further from the top. lol Actually, I enjoy the visual interest that S provides when he does these pictures, but that last one was a doozie!

So today, I had a date with B, more solo time than I have had before. S and I have been dating her for a couple months now, but things have really been picking up in the past month. He and she have had more time to put into it, so I was starting to feel a bit behind the relationship curve and asked for some time for just the feminine energy today. It was really lovely to feel and see that warm intimacy and hot intensity flow, as well as the easy conversational tone and sexy kink. S joined up for part of the time, and that dynamic with the three of us is also pretty exceptional! It's really good to be in a place of feeling like stretching a little isn't going to tear me, although I'm pretty wiped from running a bunch of domme energy today. Sleep will be welcome...

PG is out this evening with K and that connection seems to be growing nicely as well! The scheduling is getting a bit heinous with all of us wanting time out and about with others, but I'm excited that the new home is feeling good and there's a lot of positive family vibe that is continuing to grow, as well as seeing all of us change in ways that are allowed by the environment we're creating.

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