Saturday, September 20, 2008

The bits that bind us together.


Roaming about my brain are fragments of the trials, tribulations, hopes and dreams of the women in my life. Aside from the physical, mental and emotional bonding of any given moment, I'm struck by just how much of a relationship is composed of gathering together the memories and desires of these precious people and remembering each shining piece. I have a treasure trove of them now -- these emotion-laden thoughts of other people.

I just wish I could upgrade my memory. Sometimes I feel strained to my limits to remember as much as I can. But it is definitely worth the effort to hold on to them all.

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polyfulcrum said...

You share such beautiful thought with me/us! I love how you are able to present such a clear and crystaline fully-formed concept to be absorbed... You have a beautiful mind and heart, and my passion for you continues to grow and change as the person you are "becomes".