Monday, September 15, 2008

Party time!

Polyfulcrum chimes in:

Last weekend was a big lovetribe event that we all attended. It was sort of odd, as the majority of our metamours and their other connections were also present, and other than S and I, no one was going "together" to the party. Welcome to big incestuous ball that is the local poly community! In the past couple of years, it seems as though we've gotten a toe into most of the local circles, directly or indirectly.

My goal for myself for the evening was to be open, whatever form that took. I sort of thought that I would end up making some new connections and likely follow them to consumation, but was still feeling a little wiggly around the edges about exposing myself to outside energy. A complicating factor for the evening was that I had committed to be an "angel", or party monitor for a portion of the evening, so was also a bit distracted from being fully present for myself.

PG brought someone along for the evening, although they weren't there as a couple, so that was a little bit of an odd dynamic. His long-term partner, G, was also there, along with her other connection.

It seemed a night for trying to get things back on track and into connection, working on resolving damaged trust and just allowing things to move in new directions. My big step for the evening, which turned out to be a smaller one than I had intended, was to kiss someone new to me on that level, although I've had a good amount of exposure to them previously in more casual context. ;) It was a lovely kiss, and I was interested to see where that might lead, but it turned out that all the party duties on both our parts tossed a lot of interference in that dynamic. Fortunately, there's always another opportunity in the future to pursue that more fully. I think...

S and I had a very enjoyable time playing together, and I'm such a big exhibitionist that the whole party environment works really well for me! Fortunately, he likes to show off my responses, so that leads to a really fun dynamic for both us and the voyeuristic types in the crowd. ;)

One of my favorite features at this event was the sybian. I had a nice ride early on in the evening, which amped me up pretty well. This also lead to the last event of the evening for me, which was an extended ride with PG driving the machine for me. That was the first time we've done much play together at a party in a while, so that dynamic was really great! He likes to push me and I was definitely getting a "can you take it?" vibe, which juices me up really well. All in, with the various opportunities for the evening, I'm pretty sure I maxxed out on orgasms well into the triple digit range. A VERY good night!

More important though, was the way that G and I (my metamour with PG) were able to interact in a warm and loving fashion, beginning the process of healing the rift after the split they went through early this summer. She was also over yesterday for a family lunch and we had good comfortable conversation and interaction. Being able to stack a few really solid good blocks of interaction on top of each other is helpful for me in moving towards rebuilding trust and positive feeling about their relationship. That will take time, but this was a move in a good direction! Add on top of that the way both PG and S were so very loving and supportive and fun around this event, and I would definitely give it a high rating for the "great weekend" category!

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