Monday, September 29, 2008

Orientation-domestically straight


This word comes up fairly frequently when one is trying to convey the gender of person one is sexually compatible with. When it gets a little odd is when your orientation is so very amorphous that labels just sort of seem off. For me, I've found that I am quite capable of loving and being attracted to more than one gender, so that would make me bisexual, right? Well, it's not so much about the gender as it is the person though. The equipment is just packaging, but the stuff inside the packaging is what I want to eat! Sexual gender isn't terribly relevant at that point.

Now that we have a general guideline set up; I'll date men or women, if they're a person I'm attracted to, we come to an inconsistency: I'm domestically straight. What does that mean? Well, as much as I am quite capable of loving and lusting after curvy woman energy, I don't feel interested in living with other women. I dunno, maybe it's an alpha bitch thing, maybe it's just a yin-yang energy mechanism, but I don't want to live with other women, even ones I'm in love with.

Just to add fuel to the fire, I must further add the caveat that this attitude seems to fit me... so far. If there is one thing that the past seven years have taught me, it's that I am surely not done growing. My attitudes will change in time, I will continue to shift, and in x years, I might be ready to share my home with another person of the feminine variety. For now though, I, and my partners, are going to have to settle for me being sexually and emotionally an equal opportunity employer, but domestically hetero.

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Shhh.... said...

Wow, see, I've had a lot of people ask me what my orientation is since joining various online sites. And I never know what to say. For some reason "bi-sexual" just doesn't feel right for me. So I felt like I could totally relate to this post. The two women I'm interested in I have known for years. I think that has more to do with it than their gender, or appearance. Though I do find them attractive. It's the actual connection that's grown over time that makes me want to pursue more.

I'm liking your terms. :)