Sunday, September 28, 2008

Poly pride

Polyfulcrum exudes:

Pride isn't a word that I bandy about lightly, and I find myself in a space where I feel great pride in my poly partners. PG has been finding his feet in the new household environment and exploring some areas that aren't super comfortable and easy for him. He has been dealing with those feelings in a constructive and adult fashion, and communicating where he's at with things. (see post immediately preceding) Over the years we've been a couple, I've really grown to appreciate him as a person, and I feel definitive pride in the person he is, was, and is becoming.

S has been learning what it's like to be the person in the middle, trying to balance the wants and needs of more than one. Exploring what it's like to be in a relationship with someone where you aren't thinking about where it's going to go is a new thing for him. As we're dating B together, it's something we are both in the midst of, and sometimes one of us is farther into that connection than the other. Finding ways to fit that relationship within the existing structure of our relationships and life is a new challenge for us as a couple, and I'm proud of his capacity to show affection and focus in that context.

Next weekend is our first housewarming party. Largely, this is for family members and co-workers. Even though we aren't likely to be "out" with all these people as a poly V, I'm still glad we'll be seen as a family of choice in a society that is ever more isolated and segmented. There is power in taking a path that not many choose to manifest. Even without the relationship component, I take pride in having a household of friends choosing to pool resources to improve many aspects of our life.

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