Friday, September 12, 2008

The Great Sock Debate of '08!

Polyfulcrum chimes in: You know, as much as I wish I felt terribly sympathetic, I have to say that, being the one who is doing the majority of the laundry, I still think I'm doing a better job sorting out who gets what clean clothing better than anyone else in the household could.

Considering that it makes sense to have full loads running in the wash, and I have had more time to do these types of tasks, I have kindly undertaken to do everyone's washing, drying and folding. I'm sure there will be errors, however, I think everyone, even the kids, are quite capable of recognizing and returning clothing that is "in error" in their drawers.

Now, if I start putting my bras in your dressers, you have my permission to flog me soundly with a wet noodle, or whatever else you have handy ;). Until then, wear it or fix it!

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