Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shifting sands

This past week has involved significant shifting around. PG has transitioned out of the relationship he's had for the past three years, and is in a state of flux. He's trying on some different things to help him develop a deeper sense of self, and, after a couple of days feeling like the rug was being pulled out from under me, I've been able to find a space that feels a lot more comfortable with those changes. It helps that he's very chipper about what he wants, and, for me, the positive attitude goes a long way towards a sort of compersion with the ideas he's playing with.

So that got me thinking: Is there such a thing as compersion for an idea? In this case, he's totally jazzed up about developing new skills, being more self-sufficient, and just generally learning who he is better. It's a sort of "NRE for self", and as much as I love the current person, I can't help but feel a bit excited to find out who the person he wants to become is.

During this whole process, I've gotten really appreciative of one of the skills I gained as a child. We moved a lot, so I had to become pretty adaptable, able to roll with the punches. This is a skill that serves me well within poly. Even some pretty significant bombs take a relatively short period of time to filter into my mind, which is fairly adept at finding some personal advantage, or ways to frame things up positively.

S has been sort of sitting back, waiting for the dust to settle, ready to lend a hand if asked, but not pushing into things. This seems a pretty excellent call, and I'm thankful for his support and patience.

So PG, know that the person you are is loved, and the person you will become is anticipated! Thank you for the patience in answering my questions, and assuaging my fears without just telling me what I want to hear. I cherish you in my life.

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