Monday, July 20, 2009

Flammable material

Noticing a theme lately? Not sure why, but the flame imagery is working for me right now.

So, here we are, having a nice controlled burn during the dissolution of PG's relationship with his other long-term connection, and then that fire hits some flammable material lying around and flares up! My initial response is to pull back and protect myself from the heat, the excessive light, to wait for it to pass and then, cautiously approach the coals left following the inferno. Instead, I'm wrestling with myself to push into the flames, and make sure that I pull those items that are of vital importance out, even if I get singed in the process, and smother the fire, with myself, if need be.

Sometimes, relationships can be hard, even ones that are usually relaxed, supportive and joyous. Sacrifices are sometimes needed to nurture the embers of love, to bank the fire until the time is right to stoke it to the crackling state that warms the heart with it's vitality. Sacrifices are sometimes given from a place of fear, rather than seeking to find a place of open trust. That's what I am trying to connect with right now: staying open, trusting, caring, supportive, exposing myself to the flames, hoping that what is saved is refined and tempered, made stronger by the heat.

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