Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Poly-Food Connection

Food. We eat it. It's emotional. The decisions are unconscious even when we pick from the choices we have.

However, I've noticed something about a large percentage of poly people; they have a highly conscious relationship with food. Originally I didn't think all that much about the significant number of poly people who were vegetarians or vegans. But then I began to run into people who have specific food allergies. Now it feels like almost every other poly person I meet falls into one of the above camps.

So, I sit back and consider the link. It feels like there's a deeper dialogue going on here. It feels like the general poly mind set of communication can extend to one's own body. There is information there -- broadcasting if only we take the time to hear it.

And that is one of the main things I hope to change about myself (as mentioned in the previous post). I don't know if I have any food allergies, but I am beginning to internalize that there is a better way to live with food. I'm not sure exactly what form that will take, but I'm willing to listen.

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