Sunday, June 28, 2009


'Tis the time of year when the weather improves, kids are out of school, and the urge to wander is upon us! Thus it is that we embark upon our first big, full-week long vacation as a poly unit.

The Griswalds, we are not! Our poly puppies are staying with a poly friend of ours (THANK YOU!!!), the car (we are trying to take one) is being packed, the kids are antsy for their week at the beach to start. As the adults scramble to figure out all the little odds and ends that should be included, and discover if we do, in fact, have space to get us all in one vehicle with luggage and food, the underlying question is: How's this going to go?

We're all in a two bedroom condo for the week, so that should give us a little bit of elbow room for everyone to stretch out. The beach is just outside, beckoning with surf. There's a pool, a rec room. Plenty to keep busy with, right?

There will likely be a bit of jockeying around things like the use of the master bedroom, and both of my partners have dates arranged with me while we're on site. We all have little projects that we want to work on, books to read, dvd's to watch, and it'll be over the 4th of July, which I hear can be quite the vision along the boardwalk in Long Beach!

Still, a week away together... Well, there's only one way to find out: Let it BEGIN!!!

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Specialfxlady said...

I hope you are having a fantastic time - you deserve it!