Monday, April 27, 2009

Poly "family"

No, not the "Family" web series...
In creating some of the comments about the DADT post, as well as experiencing some recent shifts, I've come to the conclusion that somewhere in my soft fuzzy secret heart, I want to have an extended poly family. "What do you mean, chicky-boo? You _live_ a poly family!" Yes, this is true, but it's pretty one-sided. What I'm talking about is having a family-type relationship with metamours.

It'd be nice to have someone(s) who liked to come hang out in the evenings, just to be social and because they like all of us. To snuggle up in a pile and watch movies, listen to music and read, go for walks, try out new restaurants and cook together, then split off later in the day to enjoy more intimate activities with respective partners.

I'd like to experience a sense of warmth and mutual appreciation that lets you know that this is someone you can let your guard down with, and not feel apologetic if the house isn't picked up, or if you haven't quite had time to hit the showers after working out. This is someone that would get you a cup of soup when you don't feel well, someone that has your back, even though you aren't banging them. Family.
I'm NOT looking to make this a "term of employment" for anyone that wants to date either of the guys, so any interested parties that aren't enthused about the family dynamic can relax. It's just something that would be value added for me.

Who knows if I'll ever get there? Still, I'm going to put the request out to the universe and say that it's something that sounds like it would be pretty wonderful! Send it on over. Having a friendship like that with a metamour would be like having a sibling that I actually got along with most of the time, without the messy taboos around sexuality. ;)

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EmilyTbM said...

Can I come over? I like all of those things!