Sunday, April 26, 2009

Joss Whedon Accepts Bradbury Award for SciFi

All of us being a fan of Mr. Whedon... of course, if you're poly, you're automatically a fan of Joss Whedon... it's like, "Yeah, I'm a firedancer, I'm into SCA, I role play, I'm an engineer for technology and a geek, and oh yes, I watch FireFly and know who Dr. Horrible is.... hence, I'm poly"... should see his acceptance video for the scifi Bradbury Award. This was delivered on a jumbotron to a live audience...



Darcy said...

Very cute intro there s1m0n. I spin fire, do you? Does that make me more poly than you? :P

Jeremy said...

LOL. What if I can sing all of the songs from Dr. Horrible by heart?

Anonymous said...

You know, Wednesday, I think that it does. Firedancing seems to be one of those mainstays with poly women; you're either:

a. A vegetarian, vegan, uber-raw-vegan, or hippie.

b. A member for former member of the SCA and/or you were intensely interested in Drama in high school.

c. A firedancer.

d. A geek and/or sci-fi fan/RPG fan.

One of these will always fit. It's quite amazing, too, the similarities found between both genders here - I guess these are interests of people who can simply be labeled as "open minded" and "critical thinkers". Firedancing being one of those "critical thinking" exercises, I suppose (grin)...

And Jeremy, I - and more so, my mate (in the British sense) PolyGestalt - would join right in with you! Even now, I'm wearing my Captain Hammer t-shirt!


liminalD said...

Love the blog, gotta ask tho, what's SCA??