Saturday, February 7, 2009

Taking a step forward


Next week I am hosting members of the local poly community for a discussion group at our home. This is really my baby. PG and S are fine with me doing this, but I'm the driving force behind it.

The poly group that we've been participating in the past year or so is already a great experience. It's very free-form, sort of a support group where people can bring their issue of the day and hash it out.

The concept I have is a bit more structured, with pre-selected topics and a bit more active moderation involved. I tossed the idea out there, which got good reviews, but no one else stepped-in to say they wanted to do it, so here I am, taking a leadership role!

This might seem a little odd, since I have a pretty strong personality, have opinions that I don't mind sharing, and I do enjoy groups, but I have actively tried to avoid being in positions of leadership within groups. It's one of the things that seems to stalk me through my life. Anytime I join a group, eventually there is a call for me to take a more active role, to put myself forward and step into a higher visibility space. For quite some time, I didn't do group activities, didn't put myself in a spot where I would need to say "no" to being in charge.

So why now? Well, I do feel like it's wasteful of me to sit over here with an idea that could benefit people and let it wither on the vine. I'm tired of being one of the apathetic sideline people that want others to put the effort in while I enjoy the fruits of their labor. It's my time to give back! Manifest the vision that I have and share it with others.

Once more, into the breech!

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