Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Google calendar: I hate you.


Time management is a concept that is near and dear to most people you meet. There never seems to be quite enough time to address all of the things you want to get done! For poly types, this becomes mission critical. Not only are you trying to work out priorities for yourself, but also determine what time goes where for which relationship/person!

The google calendar feature is one that many poly people like, since you can share multiple calendars in one place, reducing redundancy. Of course, this only works if everyone participates. In this household, I am the weak link of calendar function. It's practically willful at this point, and I'm not sure how to break out of my bad habit and become a fully functional member of this calendar-using family!

It's as though there is a feeling that once I put it all down on "paper", I'm committed to a course of action, open for public scrutiny, that there might be someone out there looking to see if they are getting their "fair share" of whatever time I have available. Of course, I am telling myself a story. No one really cares deeply who and what I am doing at a given time, other than to make sure that there aren't conflicts in the landscape.

It's paperwork. I am a disorganized poly person. Filling out a calendar is paperwork, which I abhor. How to get past that?

It's selfish of me to not participate in google calendar. It reduces my effectiveness in communicating with my partners, and their ability to predict a workable course of action in a given time period. In the immortal words of Nike's promotional team: Just Do It!

So google calendar, here I come! I still hate you, but I'm hoping I can find the zen in calendar use much faster than the 7 years it took me to get into weight training. ;)

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