Thursday, August 14, 2008

Keys, they hate me!

Yes, I know this isn't terribly poly oriented as a topic, other than it seems to happen when I am doing "poly" sorts of tasks. Last week, for example, as I was dropping off various children to daycamp, my car decides that it isn't going to allow me to turn the key in the ignition. Enter the tow truck, calling S to come and pick me up, and many hundreds of dollars in repair work. All this for a vehicle that we were planning to get rid of a couple months after the move! Well, looks like we're hanging on to it a little longer now, just to get some return on investment...

So today, I'm out and in the vicinity of S's apartment. I know he's out and about for the day working, but decide to be cool and drop him a special note just because. I stop by, use my key on the deadbolt, then the door knob, which promptly eats my key! Won't come out, won't turn, won't open the frickin' door. After much futile pushing, pulling and jiggling, I give it up and head home, after calling S to let him know that my key is stuck in his door and he can't get into his own space. Follow this up a couple hours later with me needing to handle locksmithing issues, as he's stuck over on jobs and well, it's my key anyways. I tell you, I am really looking forward to the keyless entry on the new house!!!

I've done a lot of packing today, especially in the kitchen and in my workspace. It's looking pretty barren, frankly. Still, every box I pack up is one step closer to creating a new space that is more organized, more detrius going by the wayside. All my books are packed, so that makes me more productive. I really don't know what I would do without books. TV isn't really my thing for more than an hour or so in a day. Fortunately, we're in a book-positive household! In the interests of maintaining some sort of budget on that form of entertainment, I am trying to get more books from the library again, although since I tend to prefer series fiction, that can be a bit spotty. I do a lot of re-reading of favorites, so things that I really like I buy to have on hand. Sort of emergency supplies for the mind. I'm looking forward to the new "Ethical Slut" coming out! That book is required reading for anyone that desires access to the inner circle of our poly pod. If you can't hang with most of those basic tenets, then it's not likely we're going to be a good fit for you. Bring on the discussion fodder!


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