Sunday, August 10, 2008

The home stretch

So the moving sale is over! Barring a few larger furniture items, it's all packing from here on out. I'm very much ready to make the shift in residence, the shift in households. This is very akin to being ridiculously pregnant. You have a due date, you are uncomfortable with your current state (boxes and minimalist surroundings, chaos), and you would just like it to be over already so you can enjoy your new baby! Oh yes, let's not forget the joyousness of labor, the actual moving part! It is coming...

PG has a birthday this week, and our 13th anniversary is the day after that, so those two things will occupy the majority of my personal time this week. PG is also having a couple of overnights with his other sweetie, so I'm working on building a comfort zone around that. S also has a date this week while I'm off on anniversary fun, so it's a busy week for all of us! He also has another date next week that I am invited to...

Personally, I'd rather just suspend outside stuff until after the move, however, timing isn't one of those things that you get to choose for others, so I'm just going to have to deal in the interim. It's one of the more uncomfortable stages of poly for me at the moment though. All the transitions going on induce me to want a very stable predictable landscape on a personal level, so I would rather hang off on bringing new people (or even some of the vintage types!) into things right now. As it stands, it's less than three weeks until we're pretty much in the new space, so I think I am going to choose to try to delay processing things, or thinking too deeply about my feelings for a month or so. Discomfort can be a part of the growth curve, but I am looking to minimize it as much as possible at this point! Bring on the stability!!!


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