Sunday, April 22, 2012


Every three weeks or so, my wife and I invite our partners to come to a Sunday lunch to share space. We call it a metamours’n’more thing.

Yeah, well, I confess. We're not as pretty as these guys. But we still have fun!

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, my metamour is my wife’s boyfriend; my girlfriend is a metamour to my wife; a metamour is your partner’s partner.

It’s a good time and is usually four or five hours. Not all of our metamours can come around but it’s great to have everyone in one space for a while. It’s great to reconnect and see what everyone’s been dealing with over the last couple of weeks. It also gives me insight into the problems my wife might be contending with in her relationships.

We’ll have lunch, hot tub, chit-chat, and watch a television series we’re all in to, like – for example – Game of Thrones. We’ll queue up a couple of episodes on the DVR so we can watch them together. We’ll all puppy-pile onto the sectional, sprawl out, and enjoy each other’s company for a while.

It’s a small thing. It reconnects and reminds me how entangled we are. It’s not a sexy event or a play party. It’s real life. I appreciate these events. I feel a real absence when we skip a month or more. It’s small, easy, fun, keeps us all communicating, and provides real value in reinforcing our connections in our little pod.


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