Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Polyween!

Today is a day that people in the typical world use to try identities on. To scare themselves, exhilarate, titillate and explore the idea of "What if I were someone different?". They use costumes to play with that idea. Makeup, wigs, and strange clothing go on, and suddenly, there is a shift in the attitude! A new persona is born!

During the process of exploring poly, it seems that many of us do something similar. We try on new ideas, new types of people, new varieties of relationships. Some exhilarate, titillate and thrill. Others scare us, and perhaps our existing partners as well. There are light fluffy relationships, fun, cute ones, intensely meaningful types, and ones that are dark and edgy. If you're really lucky, you might get to do them all at once! ;)

Having the freedom to try on new types of connection can help keep our perspectives fresh. It moves us in the direction of being on the edge of our growth curves. We can be in contact with aspects of our personalities that don't get a lot of play, including the ones that we wouldn't want to live with 24/7.

So be bold! Try something different! Find a part of yourself that hasn't been out to play in a while, a partner to explore that with (existing or new!), and let it rip! 'Tis the season to enjoy your Polyween.

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designergrl59 said...

well Today I am the naughty school girl who has been reaaaaly bad, but because it's my birthday (the big 5-0)today,I don't think I will be punished too hard...damn it!;)

Happy Hallows Eve and be safe!