Sunday, October 26, 2008


PF- my perspective

The big poly-oriented housewarming party was last night, and it felt like a good success! We had nice turnout, a variety of experience levels, lots of big piles of scantily clad people, use of special equipment brought in for the evening, interesting conversations, loads of orgasms and new experiences available for the eager to try.

The big experiment in getting things running earlier in the evening seemed to work out well! It was remarked by more than one person how nice it was to not be totally wiped out by the time they'd had some fun and had to drive home. I still had a hard time sleeping, having my mind pretty well buzzed from all the various conversations and adventures for the evening. Oddly enough, I still didn't connect fully with any new male energy. It puzzles me a bit, but since I'm not feeling a lack, I guess I'll just take it as it comes without trying to push an agenda just to do something.

B and S both played a bit with some new people, and it looked like PG was a bit torn by having several interesting people in the same space and time. I did get to enjoy some very fun electrical play with a delightful woman who is involved with a long-time erotic friend of ours. We had a couple of overnight guests, which was nice to wake up to this morning, and there were several people who had puppy 'gasms, which was fun for all concerned. The piles of people were pretty impressive, and I will cherish the mental picture of our bed so totally and completely covered with snuggling sexy geeks!

As per usual, my clothes came off first, and I took the initiative to get the ball rolling, along with some helpful guests who put on a lovely display of flogging. It was a pretty kink-oriented party, which is a bit different than most of the poly gatherings we've been to. Of course, the way the floggers were laid out next to the bondage chair might have had something to do with that... ;)

One of my favorite things was that everyone helped with party prep and clean up both. It really felt like we did it together and contributed fully across the board as a household. The space worked really well for this function, and I am hoping we'll do this again in a few months!

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