Saturday, March 8, 2014

More on Male Privilege

Today is Saturday, March 8. My partners, Regina and Camille, and my step daughter, are participating in a self-defense class for women.

I'm outside in the hallway right now writing this blog post on my phone.

First, it strikes me that there's no such thing as a self-defense class for men featuring specific techniques for me to defend myself against another gender. To think that women must live in a constant state of awareness (fear? Defensiveness?) because men are generally unaware of their actions, or, take license with women, is sad.  I personally don't walk into a room of women and feel scared or alert or aware. Here is another example of my privilege.

Second, I find it interesting that this class is taught by men. Yes, they are probably trained professionals, but it seems that their privilege would interfere with the message. How can they know or empathize with that constant state of fear?

It's terrible to think that anyone - male or female or any gender inbetween - would need to be deliberately conscious to protect themselves at all times. I wonder what more I can do to be aware of those concerns and fears, and try to negate them?


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