Thursday, March 6, 2014

Exploration of Male Privilege

It's hard getting used to having my partners pay for things. It makes me feel uncomfortable; I usually end up reaching for my wallet and they'll knock it away to remind me that I'm not paying for this. 

Although Gina and I use the same banking, and the money comes from the same place, I'm still not used to not paying.

Today, Camille took me out to lunch. She paid for it with a credit card. She handed the credit card to the woman behind the counter, who received it, swiped it, and then proceeded it to hand it back to me. 

I thought this was a little absurd. Why was she handing me Camille's credit card? I then said directly to this person's face: "this is Camille's credit card."

I then handed Camille her credit card so that she could return it to her wallet.

Then, as the receipt was printed, the person behind the counter handed it to me to sign! 

I was taken back… I again handed the receipt and pen to Camille to sign.

That was a crazy ass exchange. But indicative of male privilege. Just my being there somehow tainted the transaction so that I was given credit for the meal. 

That's just whacked.

Camille took it in stride and said it happens all the time. To be completely disregarded by clerks behind a point-of-sale station? Ridiculous!

My journey continues…

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