Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What Makes Her Happy?

And please - feel free to swap out the pronoun:
What makes him happy?
Do you know? Are you sure? Have you asked? Are you clear?
What are you doing now to make her happy?
What will you do tomorrow to bring joy and happiness to him?
How are your actions - right now - contributing to her happiness?
How will this decision, this action, this moment ... bring them happiness?
Do you have a path (a plan) to provide "happy" to your partners? Not just now, or tomorrow, or next month, or the next event.
What are you doing, every day, that adds just a little more "happy" to her life?
How can you make joy exponential?
And on the other hand ...
What are you doing, every day, that diminishes her happiness?
What are you saying, every day, that hurts her?
Are you obsessing over what makes you happy?
Are you always find yourself forgetting what makes them happy? Like they're no longer in the forefront of the mind, that your partner's an afterthought?
Is your desire for happiness overshadowing his? Have you come first?
Are your actions envious, jealous, demeaning, careless and cruel?
What makes you happy?
Do you know? Are you sure? Have you thought about it? Are you clear?
Love ... is happiness. You have a role to play.
If you're not providing happiness and joy, why are you there?
Why be a cancer?
Why should anyone accept a cancer in their life?
Seek happy.
Provide happiness.
Be happy.

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