Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who We Are

The following has been this blog's intro summary for the past two years:

"Who We Are
He's Polygestalt, she's Polyfulcrum, and I'm S1m0n. We are a quirky MFM polyamorous Vee in Vancouver, Washington, and we bought a house together in August 2008.
Convinced that each of us has spare time and that our lives are extraordinarily interesting, we've decided to hone our writing skills and share our experiences through a blog. Yay!"

I can't help but wonder when S1m0n will change it. Of course, the title "Journals of a Polyamorous Triad" could still be valid with the addition of another writer.

PolyGestalt is no more. True, I still have the OKcupid account, but I will be transitioning that into my new identity (also now on OKcupid): METAwhetstone. By the end of August, I won't have any PolyGestalt or Gestalt user accounts on the internet. If anyone wants to follow me, feel free to friend me there under my new account.

In two weeks I will be moved out of this house. I'm not sure what to really say here. Even though I've tried to explain myself several times in different ways, many people don't understand why I must leave -- especially if I still have affection for the people who live here.

A while back, I posted a poem that resonates with me:
"The Invitation" by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

One stanza of that poem sums up the core of it better than I can. Either you will understand or you will not, but I'll assume that you will draw whatever conclusions you like about my character and that will be that. The excerpt:

"It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself; if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul; if you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy."



sin said...

I'm sorry to hear your news. I don't think I had really understood that it was ending. I'm selfishly sorry for myself too as I was looking for guidance on polyamory working. It is hard work.

polyfulcrum said...

I hope you find what you are seeking.

With Love,

Anonymous said...

I hope to hear more from all of you someday! It is good when polyamorous people from across the country can listen to each other and feel that they are not alone.

livingtotears said...

i love that poem and that quote. but you know that.

wishing centered-ness and peaceful hearts to each of you and your kids through transitions, and into the future.

and being redundant, since i sent a prior email about the concept of polyamory working/being "successful"...

in marriage, most people commit to working together through ups and downs and bumps in life. until bumps hit, those are "just " words. the reality of hitting bumps and working and working through the bumps together is a point at which people can put actions behind their words. or not. and even with love and mutual hard work, sometimes love isn't enough.

in monogamy and polyamory, it seems like permanence can be a challenge. yet i see that as a separate thing from the relationship style. from this outside place, it looks like there is mutual like, respect, and support of each other, with an amicable dynamic through the transition to a different style of connection. regardless of relationship style, i think that is a significant and admirable accomplishment.

hugs and healing wishes to each of you...