Friday, April 18, 2014

No, I won't send you a naked picture...

No, dude-I-have-not-yet-met-off-the-internet, I will not send you a naked, and/or sexy picture of me.  Yes, I do understand, and agree, that physical attraction is an important component of many relationships, and that you want to get a look at the goods before gracing me with your presence at a coffee shop.   I'll even send you a recent face shot, like a selfie taken within the past week.  There are many pictures I have posted publicly on various websites that show a lot of those goods.   If you're too lazy to look where I tell you there are pictures of that sort, you're too lazy for me to take time out of my day to meet.

In over a decade of non-monogamous dating, I've run into the "I'm entitled to look at your body because, being poly, you must be indiscriminate about sharing said body." guy more times than I can count.  They often send the unsolicited dick pic, in an attempt to create a quid pro quo environment.  Trust me on this, if a woman hasn't asked, and hasn't met you, she has no desire to be confronted with your man-bits in a text or email.  If she hasn't offered, she is similarly not inclined to send you racy pictures. 

This isn't a difficult concept to absorb, so take it on board now.  When you've been chatting a woman up, and they stop responding after you've asked for hawt pix for the third time, it isn't a mystery.  They've decided you're a creeper.  You've been disqualified based on your own behavior.  It has nothing to do with women being "teases", or too chicken to follow through with in person meetings.  It's you.  

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