Friday, June 7, 2013

Drive By...

This has not much to do with poly, but it's gotten a lot of conversation on Facebook and fetlife when I posted it, so I'm going to share here as well.


It happened again today: I was out riding my bike, and some random guy felt it was his god-given right as a red blooded American male to holler at me out the window of his truck.
Why? Seriously, even if you're being complimentary, it's creepy. It makes me angry, scared. It contributes to fear and rape culture. There is absolutely never a good time to comment to someone you don't know from a vehicle while they are walking or biking.
This sort of thing was news to my husband, so in the interest of shedding some light on this phenomena, let's talk about this.
Every female I know, from age 10 to grandmothers, has had this experience. Any time we go in public, someone male feels they have the right to comment on your appearance. I can't recall the last time I walked more than 10 minutes without this happening.
If you know someone who does this, tell them to cease and desist. If you have had this experience, share it with others, particularly men that may be out of the loop, to build awareness.
This behavior is completely unacceptable, no matter if someone is tall, short, young, old, dressed scantily, or fully covered.


Unknown said...

I absolutely agree, its violating.

sin said...

yep, we don't holler at them - and we hate when they holler at us.