Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy National Coming Out Day!

This morning I was perusing my facebook feed, and noticed an acquaintance who had posted about Coming Out Day.   While I've been out with friends and family for several years now, I've been hanging onto the closet on a professional level.  Several of my business resources are quite conservative, and I've been concerned about losing those connections over being poly, or being bi.

A few weeks ago, our household was filmed for several days by a documentary camera crew for a production that will air in a few months. More on this another time. Clearly, I've already committed to being out in all facets of my life, right?  So, who not rip the bandage off?

So, S and I, who were enjoying a walk in the brisk fall air this morning, decided to just go ahead and out ourselves in social media.  Done.  No take-backs.  I'm out.  For reals.

Thus far, response has been positive, and entirely by members of the community, or related communities.  Not a peep from my business community.   Yet.

My hope is that the strength of those connections, and the fact that I'm very competent with what I do professionally will stand me in good stead.  Maybe there will be some awkward questions, maybe some sideways looks.  I may even lose some business.  Hopefully, it will be minimal, and the poly community, and other alternative folks, will pick up the slack.

The bottom line for me is that I am done living in fear.  No more hiding.  No more excuses for myself. I'm proud of myself, my partners, my family of choice, my community.


cuddlykitten said...

That is so awesome about the documentary! I'd love to watch it when it's available!

Missy said...

Wow ... me and my other two were sighing about how National Coming Out Day still isn't something we can quite celebrate altogether. Family and friends are mostly in the loop, but like you, we face heavy risks in the professional realm (and there's still one pesky part of the family). I hope I can take the plunge one of these days.