Friday, August 6, 2010

Head Out On The Highway!

Today I am heading out on the open road on my way to the coast! It's day two of child-free time, as my daughter is on a family trip with her dad's extended family, and I have planned a get away for myself to hit the reset button on life a bit.

Here's how the whole thing works as a poly person getting away on their first vacation following a split, or at least how it's working for me: S and his/our sweetie already left for the coast yesterday. My other sweetie, D, came over yesterday, and we enjoyed a nice date night together. He'll be house sitting and taking care of our dogs while we are out of town. I'll head out today, join up with the two currently on sand, and spend the next couple days trying to relax a bit, then she is heading back home, and he and I will spend a day just the two of us before heading back to pick up the kiddo and resume responsibilities of daily living.

How do people without additional partners do this whole vacationing thing? It seems like quite a lot of logistics to cover either way, but this way, I've got tons of back up. I am truly grateful!

So far the week has gone very well. I'm adjusting to life without the person I've lived with for the past 15 years, and it's feeling fine, but then, I'm also not digging too deeply into my feelings just yet. S and I are still looking for a roommate to fill the gap left by PG's departure on a financial level, and next week looks to be full of interviews to find that special fit for our household in terms of personality, reliability, responsibility and capacity to pay their bills. Oh yes! They have to be good with the whole poly thing, the dogs and kid as well! Wish us luck!

Well, I am off to pack my bags and explore the single-ish life! See you in a few days.


Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great time.

polyfulcrum said...

Had a really good time! The trip gave me a glimpse of some new possibilities in life. :)