Monday, December 28, 2009

Finding the track again

Whew! The holidays are almost past us, thankfully. I've had the additional distractions of kids out of school, a new connection that I'm enjoying, and having my car broken into, which resulted in the loss of all my debit and credit cards, license, several gift cards, and some cash. The renters in our old house are moving out, so we need to find tenants, and/or rent that property out in short order, or face being drug into a financial hole. PG and I are still reorganizing our relationship into something different, so that takes some bandwidth too. Let's just say that it's been a busy month, so I haven't been as consistent here as I would like. Thank you all for the patience!

Oddly enough, I am still feeling pretty darn happy and generally contented with things. Sure, there are aspects that could be going better, but at the end of the day, I know, and like, who I am, so that makes things that would otherwise be terribly challenging more bearable.

So, here I am on the quest to find the track, so that I can get back on it! Let's hear it for those times in life that winnow perspective to just those things that are truly important!

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